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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Natural portraits

Ana - simply, originally uploaded by Christ tell.

Two essentials for portraits: good light, and a good model. But one needs both at once.

Models? Good modelling is something innate that can be worked on to improve, but if the spark is not there in the fist place, there will be limitations.

Light? Natural is best in my opinion, but if it's not available, a good light set up is the next best thing. the current cameras are pushing the boundaries and will do so even more in the future to capture what ambiance light is.

There is one more element, the catalyst: The rapport between the model and the photographer...

These are the ingredients, now the cooking...!

For this project with ana, I had access to alocation with two full wall of natural diffuse light (yes naturally diffuse in Manchester: we have the clouds for that...lucky if we get a ray of sun), and one of the walls was raw concrete.

Ana, although not a professionnal model, is very at ease, natural and let's face it, has a knack for it.

I also happen to know Ana well enough as a friend. Great for insight, trust, complicity, and confidence.

We all enjoyed the shoot, it was very relaxed and friendly, and so the atmosphere totally conducive.

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