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Friday, 16 January 2009

Tirasia Harbour

Tirasia Harbour, originally uploaded by Christ tell.

Technology is of great help in photography, but sometimes, light is more important.
I took this photo a few years ago with a brandless 2MP camera. I only added a touch of nostalgia with lightroom.
Shooting with low quality equipment has its great rewards, and I love to have at hand both limited and high technology equipment....


  1. It seems simple when you explain the transformation, but i'm sure it is not so simple and it needs an art gift, that you have.

  2. I saw Don McCullin speak a few years ago about some of his Indian photographs. In the middle of the Q&A, aomebody started to ask about his equipment, and he got quite agitated, saying that it's got nothing at all to do with equipment and everything to do with the eye and what the photographer sees. I guess he must get those questions from photo geeks every day.

    That said, I saw one of McCullin's Vietnam era cameras, complete with a bullet hole in the side, in a musuem a couple of weeks later and, for it's time, it was a very, very decent bit of kit...

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with your gift of photography. I can't believe you took this photo with a 2mp camera! I really need to invest in some photo software... maybe after grad school!

  4. To Rich: you nailed it, a lot of great photographers do have the skills AND the camera ;)

    To Christina: The light is so amazing in Santorini Island that it's quite hard to make a bad photo! :)

    Thanks both for your comments!